Lifetime Deal

To celebrate the launch of Graphue, we wanted to do something special and serve you this once-in-a-lifetime deal. You are getting a lifetime membership and with it, all the presentation templates that will ever be on our website (there are about 150 templates ready for upload at the moment).

Not only that, but we have big plans, and we will be adding a whole variety of products to choose from, so, in a not-so-distant future, you will also be getting fonts, icons, ui kits and everything else we have queued up.

This is one of those deals that you’ll regret not getting in on, like buying Bitcoin in 2010 (ok now we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but you get the point). After this offer ends, things go back to paying $24 per template.


Access All Templates + All New Releases

  • Get instant access to our current library of templates and all upcoming templates.

New products added daily

  • Our talented design team delivers new templates every day

Commercial license included

  • Your downloads are covered by our commercial license, so you can use our templates safely with company presentations

Request a template

  • Can’t find the template you’re looking for? Request it! We can’t honour each and every request, but if we feel that more customers would like to see a certain topic in our store, we’ll go ahead and create it.

What you get with the Lifetime deal

Unlimited, instant access to hundreds of premium presentation templates for Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides.

  • Over 125 Premium templates
  • New products added daily
  • Download 15 products per day, 2 at a time (to keep our server guy happy 🙂)
  • Use with our Commercial Licence
  • World-class customer support